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The Ultimate Guide to using “Que” and “Qué” in Spanish

Written by Andrew

Que is the third most commonly used word in Spanish. From its role as a conjunction connecting sentences to its use as a relative pronoun, que is perhaps the most versatile part of the language. Understanding its various uses can greatly enhance your proficiency in Spanish.

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Five Common “False Friends” Between English and Spanish and Their Histories

Written by Andrew

Discover the fascinating world of false cognates between English and Spanish in this informative article. From the surprising similarities between words like éxito and exit to the historical roots of misunderstandings, you’ll explore five common false cognates and gain a deeper understanding of these linguistic quirks.

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The Grammar Rules Behind Spanish Accent Marks

Written by Andrew

Confused by Spanish accent marks? Learn the rules behind acute accents, diaeresis, and tildes to master pronunciation like a pro! From strong and weak vowels to typing tips, this guide has you covered.