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Banter&Babel is a hub for language learning through engaging content like podcasts, movies, and more. At Banter&Babel, we’re passionate about leveraging technology to enhance language acquisition, exploring how digital tools can revolutionize the way we learn and practice languages.

An image of my face in a cafe in Mexico City

Hi, My Name is Andrew

I am a computer programmer with an interest in the intersection of language and technology. With a background in both programming and a lifelong love affair with languages, I bring a unique perspective to the table, constantly seeking ways to optimize language learning experiences through technology.

I’ve been learning Spanish since middle school and have used it while traveling throughout Spain and Latin America. I love language learning’s ability to help me connect to new people and new cultures, in a way that speaking English while abroad just does not.

I’ve somewhat recently embarked on a new linguistic adventure, delving into the complexities of Chinese.

What You’ll Find Here

On this blog, you’ll find curated content recommendations for learning and practicing languages (mostly in Spanish, but you may find a sprinkle of Chinese or some other languages), tips for using technology to practice and learn languages, as well as interesting stories about linguistics and how our languages function.

Contact Us

You can reach me by email at contact (at) banterandbabel.com