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9 Great Podcasts for All Levels of Spanish Students

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Spanish Podcasts

Podcasts are a great, free way to learn and practice Spanish. There are so many great podcast options for learning Spanish. No matter if you want an in-depth explanation of grammar rules in English or you want to practice listening to a story in Spanish, this article will walk you through 9 great podcasts that you can listen to today.

Podcasts For Absolute Beginners to Learn

If you’re just starting with Spanish, you’ll probably want to start with a more explanatory podcast that is mostly in English. These podcasts do a great job of explaining new vocabulary and grammar rules, while still giving you listening practice in Spanish. If that’s what you’re looking for, then here are beginner-friendly podcasts that will help you at the early stages of your learning journey.

Coffee Break Spanish

Coffee Break Spanish is a podcast offered by a company called Radio Lingua. The podcast is organized by levels corresponding to different levels of Spanish, including a 40-part season for beginners. The beginner season doesn’t receive regular updates anymore, but it’s still incredibly helpful. Each podcast is about ten to twenty minutes long and features a story in Spanish along with a very detailed explanation of what took place during the story. It focuses a bit less on grammar directly than some of the other podcasts on our list, but it is a great way for beginners to practice in bite-sized portions. The company also offers a premium subscription that includes formal materials and lessons, which supplement their podcast if you’re not already taking a more formal Spanish course.

The great thing about Coffee Break Spanish is that you can listen to all different levels of Spanish up to advanced Spanish. At the time of writing, they also offer Coffee Break podcasts in eight other languages (including Gaelic)!

Listen on Apple Podcasts or Spotify.

LightSpeed Spanish

LightSpeed Spanish is a podcast offered by a couple named Gordon & Cynthia Smith-Duran. Gordon is originally from the UK and Cynthia is Spanish. Similar to Coffee Break Spanish’s seasons, they have a lot of different podcasts that cater to different levels of Spanish, including a podcast for absolute beginners. The added bonus is that each level is a completely separate podcast. Their beginner-level podcast is taught in English and explains grammar, often using entire episodes to explain just one or two verbs. It’s important to note that they teach Spanish from Spain, or Castilian Spanish, instead of Spanish from Latin America. As a beginner, there isn’t too much difference. I can also speak from experience that Castilian Spanish is generally understood in Latin America.

The couple also offers a more formal course and one-on-one lessons.

Listen on Apple Podcasts or Spotify.

LearnCraft Spanish

LearnCraft Spanish is hosted by Timothy Moser. The podcast is entirely for beginners as it’s taught in English. Similar to LightSpeed Spanish, it is currently being updated, as of writing. It also focuses more on grammar than Coffee Break Spanish. It also uses entire episodes to teach specific words, phrases, and verbs. It’s a bit more geared towards Latin American Spanish than LightSpeed Spanish.

The company behind the LearnCraft Spanish podcast also offers individualized coaching.

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Podcasts For Early Beginners to Practice

If you’ve got some Spanish already under your belt, and you’re looking to practice, look no further than the next four podcasts on our list. These podcasts are either completely in Spanish or have large portions in Spanish, but don’t let that stop you. They are all geared towards beginners. They use simple vocabulary and speak slowly.

News In Slow Spanish

News in Slow Spanish is exactly what it sounds like… news in Spanish spoken slowly. News In Slow Spanish is a weekly podcast presented entirely in Spanish. Their website has different streams for different levels of Spanish, as well as for Latin American and Castilian Spanish.

This is a great opportunity to practice since reading or listening to the news is probably something you already do. Each episode is about 15 to 20 minutes long. Their website has a ton of grammar resources for beginners. They also have a premium version that includes transcripts and grammar points for the actual episodes themselves.

Listen on Apple Podcasts or Spotify.

Duolingo Podcast

You know about Duolingo as a language learning app (and you might know it as a former translation app), but did you also know that there is a companion podcast?

The podcast is similar to News In Slow Spanish in that it is a beginner-friendly podcast that tells stories about various topics such as the cultures of Spain and Latin America, movies, and history. Unlike News In Slow Spanish, this podcast is both in English and Spanish. The other benefit is that you can view the transcript on Duolingo’s website without any kind of premium subscription.

Listen on Apple Podcasts or Spotify.

Spanish and Go

Spanish and Go is a podcast, or rather a series of podcasts, hosted by couple Jim and May. Jim is an American from Minnesota and May is from Colima in Mexico. Their podcast is largely about traveling, culture, and Spanish, all centered mostly around Mexico. Like News in Slow Spanish, this podcast is entirely in Spanish, although there is no option for Spanish from Spain. They speak very clearly and pretty slowly, so it should be easy enough for a beginner to listen and pick up what they’re talking about. They also have a premium membership that will get you access to transcripts and explanations of grammar points.

Listen on Apple Podcasts or Spotify.

Podcasts For Intermediate and Advanced Students to Practice

Once you’ve hit an intermediate or advanced level of Spanish, you’ll want to listen to podcasts that are entirely in Spanish. These podcasts can be a great way to learn parts of Spanish that you might not encounter in a formal setting, such as slang, and get used to specific variants of Spanish. The three podcasts below talk more about culture, Spanish slang from specific countries, and advanced topics in Spanish. Similarly, if you’re looking for a more advanced podcast, check out our list of podcasts that aren’t lessons.

How to Spanish Podcast

How to Spanish Podcast is hosted by a couple from Mexico named Ana and David. The podcast is pretty much entirely in Mexican Spanish and has a new episode about every week. They don’t teach any sort of grammar, but you’ll learn a lot about Mexican culture and sayings and phrases that are common in Mexico but might not be common in other countries. If you plan on visiting Mexico, I can tell you from experience that learning some Mexican slang is going to come in very handy, since they use a lot of it. They’re more intermediate-friendly since they speak a little more slowly and more intentionally.

Like a lot of the other podcasts on the list, there are premium subscription options that will get you transcripts of the podcast.

Listen on Apple Podcasts or Spotify.


Españolistos is another podcast hosted by a couple. Their names are Nate from Texas and Andrea from Colombia. Nate and Andrea also teach lessons through their Spanishland School. Like How to Spanish Podcast, the podcast is entirely in Spanish with new episodes about every week. Unlike How to Spanish, the podcast deals a lot more with teaching advanced and intermediate topics in Spanish, such as common errors or how to use certain verbs, as well as language learning in general and culture. It’s a great option if you’re feeling like you’ve hit an intermediate cliff and feel like you need more structure to get your Spanish to the next level.

Listen on Apple Podcasts or Spotify.

Español con Juan

Español con Juan, or 1001 Reasons to Learn Spanish, is hosted by none other than… well, Juan. Juan used to be a Spanish professor at the University of London, but he is originally from Spain. His podcast, which releases new episodes every couple of weeks, is about everything from movies to stories about his life to things about Spain. He’s genuinely a very good storyteller and just a pleasure to listen to. Each episode runs about 20 minutes long, is in Castilian Spanish, and includes a full transcript for free on his website. If you like the podcast, Juan also offers lessons and books!

Listen on Apple Podcasts or Spotify.


In conclusion, Spanish-learning podcasts offer a rich and diverse array of resources for learners at every stage of their journey. Whether you’re an absolute beginner seeking structured explanations or an advanced learner aiming to delve into Spanish culture and slang, there’s a podcast tailored to your needs. With the convenience of free access and supplementary materials, these podcasts not only enhance language skills but also provide an immersive and enjoyable learning experience. So, whether you’re sipping your morning coffee or embarking on a daily commute, dive into the world of Spanish podcasts and take your language proficiency to new heights!